YH331-1 soft shampoo tank (thicker)

Size specifications: circle diameter 53cmX height 7cm (depending on inflation saturation)

Scope of application This product is for people who have been bedridden for a long time, have limited mobility, or cannot bend over to wash their hair... etc.

1. Drainable flushing: There is a water pipe attached to the shampoo tank to directly drain the water out of the sink. The water pipe should be kept unblocked to prevent water from overflowing.

2. Washing and cleaning: The water plug can be plugged, and the patient can be cleaned by washing with water. After cleaning, the water plug is removed to drain the water.

3. Depending on the patient's condition, increase or decrease the amount of inflation to achieve patient comfort and safety. The product is easy to store and convenient to use.


1. Pull out the inflatable cap, inflate to eighth full, cover the plug and press in the air ring to make the air ring flat.

2. Move the patient's head and use the shampoo tank to place it under the patient's head and neck to wash.

3 The drain pipe and the bucket can be connected properly.


1 The shampoo tank should be kept as dry as possible after use, and should be placed in a ventilated place before it is completely dry.

2 After the shampoo tank is used, the internal air should be completely released to make it convenient for storage.

3. The shampoo tank is an inflatable product, so sharp objects should be avoided.