YH031-9 stainless steel lift bath bed (hand-operated)

Size: L1890 x W710 (Pull up the bed rail)
L1890 x W640 (Bed rail folded)
Bed lifting: H500~750mm
Bed material: The bed is made of stainless steel #304
Mattress material: high-density, high-strength P.V.C. soft fiber cotton inside, easy to clean and disinfect the outer surface, and drainage holes are attached to both ends of the drainage.
Wheel: 6" stainless steel independent brake wheel
All sizes: ±5﹪.
The whole piece of stainless steel plate is welded to form high weight resistance. The head and tail of the bed rail are fixed, which can block the mattress and push the handle.
There is a hose anti-collision device around the bed body to ensure that the bed rails on both sides of the bed body will not be damaged when moving, and it can be retracted to facilitate moving the patient.
The lifting adopts the hand crank method, the hand crank can be folded when not in use, and the drainage hole including the drain pipe is located at the end of the bed.

-The whole is made of stainless steel.
★The color is subject to the actual product