YH125-5 stainless steel aerial toilet seat

The in-floor shower potty chair facilitates washing by reclining, and the integrated dumping design keeps the center of gravity from the hip to the back.
The air dumping function, in addition to making care easy, can also change the pressure position of the hips during the original ride to relax the pressure.
By changing the angle of the seat to correct the impact of gravity on the user's sitting posture, it has broken through many limitations that could only be fixed in the bath.
The armrest can be lifted to allow the caregiver to easily move the family members to the bed, chair or car, which is thoughtful and practical.
The new patented armrest can be lifted for convenient transfer position, the bucket seat cushion is recessed, and the anti-tilt bar safety device.

-The body is made of φ1 "(25mm) stainless steel round tube.
-Four 4 "brake wheels are included.
-Soft back and seat cushion are waterproof cushion.
-All sizes ± 5%.
-The body is made of stainless steel.
★ Color is subject to actual product

Body material: stainless steel
Seat cushion material: PVC seat cushion
Seat width: 42cm
Seat depth: 43cm
Back height: 53cm
Rear seat height: 68cm
Armrest height: 27cm
Pedal Depth: 20cm
Overall width: 52cm
Overall length: 130cm
Overall height: 113cm
Tipping angle: 3 ° -32 °
Total vehicle weight: 16kg
Maximum load: 120kg