YH207-4 Stretcher Type Electric Lift + Scale

●The main frame of the lift is made of aluminum alloy, which is not the usual iron frame on the market, which makes it convenient for nursing staff to push it lightly.

●Stretcher sling size is 185cm long X 87cm wide (±5%) and comes with a stretcher storage rack for easy fixation.
●Hanger lifting electric motor adjusts 1 group, the height of the hanger can be adjusted from 20 cm to 140cm, stroke 120cm (±5%)

●U-shaped base adopts 1 set of electric motor adjustment, manual or mechanical adjustment is not available on the market, U-shaped base height is 13cm,
The length of the U-shaped foot is 111cm and the width is from 64cm to 88cm (±5%).

●The wired controller can control the lifting and foot-opening actions and can display the remaining battery capacity.

●The control box adopts LCD screen display and can control the movement of lifting and foot-opening motor. It has power indicator light and emergency power-off button.
●The battery of the control box is quick-dismountable and easy to replace after the battery is aging. The charging has a light indicator on the LCD screen, which can be displayed.
 The remaining battery capacity, to remind you to charge when the battery is low or low.

●The hanger adopts an electric motor with an emergency lowering function, if the patient cannot be moved due to a power failure or malfunction, the patient can be put down in an emergency.

●Stainless steel four-point hooks 1 set, the sling can be stored in the stainless steel fixed box when not in use.
●Two 3" double-disc movable wheels, 2 3" double-disc brake wheels.

●The digital scale has the function of deduction and locking, and the maximum weighing capacity is 300KG.
●The maximum load capacity is 180kg (±10kg).

●All sizes ±5%.

-The main body of the lift is made of aluminum alloy with electrostatic powder coating on the surface.
★The color is subject to the actual product