YH207-3 Electric Patient Lift

-The hanger adopts an electric motor to move up and down, and the motor is equipped with an emergency lowering function. If the patient cannot be moved due to power failure or malfunction, the patient can be put down in an emergency.
-The U-shaped base is adjusted by an electric motor, and the width is from 64 to 88 cm (±5%).
-The height of the hanger can be adjusted from 50 cm to 173cm and the stroke is 123cm (±5%).
-The maximum load capacity is 150kg (±10kg).
-The main frame of the lift is foldable for easy storage.
-1 set of seat sling.
-One set of quick-release hooks, which can be rotated 360°.
-2 sets of electric motors.
-1 set of wired controllers.
-One battery controller.
-The control box adopts LCD screen to display one group.
-2 3" movable wheels, 2 3” brake wheels.
-All sizes ±5%.

-The whole is made of aluminum alloy with electrostatic powder coating on the surface.
★The color is subject to the actual product