YH207-1 adult walker

- Overall dimensions: depth 90x width 85x height 113~135m
- Inner diameter: depth 43x width 40cm.
- The height of the shoulder pad can be adjusted from 113cm to 135cm.
- The width of the shoulder pad is adjustable in three sections from 30cm-35cm-40cm.
- The length of the pelvic suspension pad can also be adjusted according to the height of the user.
- The rest seat cushion is adjustable in three levels from the ground, from 50cm-68cm-85cm.
- Forearm support accessories.
- Weight 14.5Kg.

- Pelvic suspension pad X1
- Rest buckle seat cushion X1
- Thigh, ankle and foot separation fixing belt X4
- Comes with 4" front wheel. The rear wheel can brake.
- Comes with anti-roll removable 4" movable wheels on both sides for easy entry and exit.
- Comes with detachable 3" movable wheels to prevent rear tipping.
- All dimensions ±5%.

- The body is made of steel powder paint.
★The color is subject to the actual product

◆Eligible subsidy projects: Trunk support gait training device

☑1. Steering angle range or steering and directional controllable wheels
2. One-way only advance and no retreat wheel or resistance wheel
☑3. Ankle and foot separation accessories
☑4.Thigh separator accessories
☑5. Pelvic suspension or cushion
☑6. Forearm support accessories

112/01/01 The upper limit of disability subsidy amount is adjusted to
Low-income households: 18,000 yuan
Low-to-medium income households: 16,200 yuan
General household: 9,000 yuan

YH207-1 adult walker installation instruction

How to use YH207-1 adult walker