YH118-1 aluminum reclining wheelchair (middle wheel)

    - Length 113x width 66x height 135cm (including headrest height).
    - Seat size: width 48X depth 42X height 52cm.
    -Folded size: width 35cmX height 74cm folded back height.
    - Front wheel size: 17cm.
    - Rear wheel size: 51cm.
    -The tires are air-free.

    ◎ Recumbent wheelchair, ultra-lightweight aluminum alloy frame.
    ◎ The back of the chair can be adjusted to 68 degrees and the function of lying on the back (adjustment by stepless air pressure bar).
    ◎ Equipped with chest belt, pelvic belt and anti-roll bar.
    ◎ Detachable armrests/lifting orthopedic feet provide convenience for shifting.
    ◎ The detachable headrest is convenient for storage.
    ◎ The armrests are height-adjustable armrests.
    ◎ The retractable skeleton can be used for both sitting and lying.
    ◎ Seat back cushion for winter and summer: keep you warm in winter and cool in summer.
    ◎ Adjustable height headrest to help maintain sitting posture.
    ◎ The new nursing 2-stage brake function increases user safety.
    ◎ The back of the chair has a folding device, which saves space and is convenient for storage and carrying.
    Type B wheelchair - additional function A+B