YH251-2 multi-function shift nursing chair

Name of Product: Shift Care Chair

Model: YK251-2

Maximum load: 120kg

Size: length 70cmX width 47cmX height 94cm
Seat height 10 segments adjustable from 43 to 61cm
2cm fine adjustment per segment can be adjusted according to the site environment

Total weight: 18kg
Wheels: front wheel 5 〞 - rear wheel 3 〞 medical 煞 wheel

Product performance characteristics

1) Patented products have obtained a number of patents and insurance products liability insurance.

2) It is convenient to transfer the position from wheelchair to sofa, bed, toilet chair, seat, etc., easy to use toilet, bath, treatment and so on.

3) Greatly open and close the design, move and save effort, and prevent the waist of the nursing staff from being damaged.

4) The load is 120kg, suitable for a variety of body types.

5) Adjustable height, suitable for facilities of various heights.

6) Medical mute wheel, double buckle, high security.

7) Waterproof design, can be used for bathing.

8) Dedicated seat cushion, comfortable for a long time, multi-purpose use.

9) With a little drop jack, you can freely remove the left and right swap.

10) Fashion color, suitable for different application scenarios.
Applicable object and scope

Applicable people are disabled, sick and elderly and infirm who have difficulty in moving. Widely used in homes, medical institutions, nursing homes and other places.